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KORG Pa50, 61-Key Professional Keyboard, Arranger Series, with Speakers

61-Key, Dual Sequencer, with Speakers, Large monochrome display. Provides the proven TRITON synch engine combined with XDS dual sequencer, studio-quality effects, and an internal stereo speaker system. Eight-part, world-class Styles along with assignable pads. Four-way joystick and other performance features keep you in control. A huge custom backlit LCD lets you view everything at a glance.

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Bessie Smith and the Night Riders

Even though she can’t afford a ticket to see the great blues singer Bessie Smith perform, Emmarene listens outside Bessie’s tent—that is, until she bursts into the show to warn the crowd:The Night Riders have come!

Bessie marches right outside and confronts the Night Riders by giving one of her famous low moans that says, “I may be down and out, but I ain’t gonna take it no more.” But will that be enough to scare them off ?

Based on a true incident, Bessie Smith and the Night Riders is a powerful story of facing down danger and standing up for what’s right. With John Holyfield’s luminous paintings setting the stage, readers will be cheering for Bessie and Emmarene all the way to their final bow.

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Generac 60-Amp Single Load Double Pole Manual Transfer Switch for Portable Generators 6333

The Generac 6333 60-Amp Single Load Double Pole Manual Transfer Switch eliminates the hassle of running extension cords from your generator to your appliances during a power outage. Instead, connect your portable generator to the Generac 6333 manual transfer switch which allows you to safely switch from utility to portable generator power in emergencies and power critical circuits through your home’s electrical system. This 60-Amp transfer switch’s enclosure is made of aluminum, built to NEMA 1 specifications and can be conveniently installed flush or surface mounted indoors and includes (2) 60-Amp circuit breakers (one for utility and one for generator power) which makes it ideal for switching a service or subpanel from utility to generator power. This economical, code-compliant, single-load transfer switch provides a safe way to feed generator power to a home, office, garage or farm building where the entire circuitry in a main panel or subpanel must be powered by a generator during a power outage and isolates the generator from the utility with manual switching action. The Generac 6333 60-Amp Single Load Double Pole Manual Transfer Switch is made in the USA and backed by a 2-year limited warranty. It measures 11-inch x 13-inch x 4-inch and weighs 10-pounds. This transfer switch can be used with any generator between 3,000 and 25,000 watts. Generac transfer switches should be installed by a professional electrician familiar with electrical wiring and code. Generac manufactures the widest range of power products in the marketplace including portable, RV, residential, commercial and industrial generators. Generac also operates three large factories that employ thousands of workers in the American Midwest.

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Spheromaks: a practical application of magnetohydrodynamic dynamos and plasma self-organization

Spheromaks are easily formed, self-organized magnetized plasma configurations that have intrigued plasma physicists for over two decades. Sometimes called magnetic vortices, magnetic smoke rings, or plasmoids, spheromaks first attracted attention as a possible controlled thermonuclear plasma confinement scheme, but are now known to have many other applications. This book begins with a review of the basic concepts of magnetohydrodynamics and toroidal magnetic configurations, then provides a detailed exposition of the 3D topological concepts underlying spheromak physics, namely magnetic helicity, Taylor relaxation, force-free equilibria, and tilt stability. It then examines spheromak formation techniques, driven and isolated configurations, dynamo concepts, practical experimental issues, diagnostics, and a number of applications. The book concludes by showing how spheromak ideas are closely related to the physics of solar prominences and interplanetary magnetic clouds.

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Sportsman 7,000 Watt 13 HP OVH Propane Powered Portable Generator With Electric Start GEN7000LP

The Sportsman Propane 7000 Watt Portable Generator can power common household appliances and power tools. It is equipped with four 120 volt outlets, a 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging, and a 120/240 volt outlet. Use this generator immediately with the recoil start or install a motorcycle battery (not included) to activate the electric start feature. A generator of this size is ideal for camping and running essential household appliances during power outages. This generator is a real workhorse with great features like a 13HP 4-Stroke OHV engine, Automatic Low Oil Shutdown and an Automatic Voltage Regulator for an affordable price. It boasts an engine run time of 8 hours at 50% on a common 20Lb (gas grill type) cylinder (LPG cylinder not included). A 5 foot propane fuel hose with a regulator is included for your added convenience. The engine is surprisingly quiet; it runs at less than 80 Db. This is a great generator for anyone who needs affordable power. Propane has several distinct advantages over gas generators. Propane burns cleaner than gas engines. Carbon monoxide emissions run up to 40% lower. Propane will not degrade, so you can keep several propane tanks on hand for emergencies and store them for an unlimited amount of time. Since this generator runs on propane you never have to worry about the fuel going bad or having the carburetor getting fouled due to degenerated gas – a common problem with gas powered small engines. Unfortunately, this model cannot be converted to operate with natural gas. 7000 surge watts/6000 running watts It’s easy to transport and maneuver when the included wheel kit is installed Uses a standard gas grill style LPG tank The 13 HP, 4 stroke OHV, recoil start engine, delivers maximum performance The generator runs on clean, quiet and efficient liquid propane gas (LPG), so you never have to worry about bad gas fouling the engine 5 ft. Regulator hose is included in box LPG propane tank is not included Air cooled, AVR automatic voltage regulation, low oil shut off, spark arrestor, full power panel, engine shut off switch, overload protected outlets Electric and recoil start, battery for electric start not included Four 120 volt outlets, one 120/240 volt outlet, and one 12 volt DC outlet for battery charging Run time = 8 hours at 50 percent load per 20 lbs. of LPG fuel Decibel rating: less than 80 decibels EPA approved, Non-CARB compliant/Not for sale in California

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All Power America 3,250 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator APG3012

Never feel powerless with the All Power 3250W 6.5 HP Portable Generator 120V with 12V Output. This generator offers ample power with a 3250-watt, 6.5 hp, 4-stroke motor. It offers two 120-volt outlets and a single 12-volt DC outlet. Runs for 8 hours on a half load. About All Power America All Power America is a power tool manufacturer and distributor that started business in North America in 2005. Innovative designs and a stringent quality control make All Power America a well-respected name in the power tool industry. Their engineers design, test, and manufacture tools from raw materials to finished product and put each through a stringent testing process to ensure that customers are getting the quality they deserve in each piece. Customers come first at All Power America and they continually strive to reach goals of mutual success. 3250-watt, 6.5 hp. 4-gallon fuel capacity. 2,500 watt continuous rating. Includes two 120V outlets and one 12V DC outlet. Durable steel frame. 4-stroke OHV motor runs 8 hours on half load.

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