EPsolar Tracer MPPT Solar Battery Charge Controller 40A+Remote Meter MT5 4210RN

“Description of MPPT 40A:
Tracer series controller adopts latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and advanced tracking algorithm to make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can product the maximum available power.
Compared to conventional PWM controller, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency up to 30% and potentially decrease the power of solar array needed. The ability to step-down the higher voltage solar module to recharge a lower voltage battery bank greatly increases system design flexibility. The cable size can be reduced because of the small current from the solar array.

Specifications of MPPT 40A
Rated system voltage:12/24V auto work
Rated battery current:40A
Rated load current:20A
Max.battery voltage:32V
Max.PV open circuit voltage:100VDC
Max.PV input power:12V 520W;24V 1040W
Charge Circuit Voltage Drop:≤0.26V
Discharge Circuit Voltage Drop:≤0.15V
Communication:TTL232/8 pin RJ45
Working temperature:-35℃~+55℃
Storage temperature range:-35℃~+80℃
Humidity:10%-90% NC
Dimension:242mm x 169mm x 91mm
Mounting holes:180mm x 160mm
Mounting hole size:Φ5

Specifications of remote meter:
Rated voltage:12V, min voltage (suggest):8.0V
Strong backlight on:<23mA
Low backlight on:<20mA
Backlight and LED indicator off:<17mA
Operation temperature:-40℃ ~ +60℃
LCD operation temperature:-10℃ ~ +40℃
Communication cable:RJ45(8PIN), 2 meter”

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E-accexpert® MC4 PV Photovoltaic Diode Connectors Fuse Connector with Protective Function of Solar Photovoltaic

Technical Data :

Rated current : 10A (According to the FUSE)
Retaed voltage: 1000V DC
Test voltage: 6000V(50Hz,1min)
Overvoltage category/Polution degree:CATIII/2
Contact resistance of plug connectosr: 0.5mΩ
Contact material: Copper,Ag Plated
Insulation material : PPO
Degree of protection: IP2*/IP67
Flame class : UL94-V0
Safety class: II
Insertion force/withdrawal force:≤50N/≥50N
Connecting System: Crimp connection
Temperature range: -40~+125℃

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ECO-WORTHY 2” 4” 6″ 8” 10” 12″16” 18″ Heavy Duty 330lbs Solar Tracker Linear Actuator Multi-function for Electroic ,Medical,auto Use (12V, 4”)


1. Electric booth lifting rod

2. Electric sofa

3.The medical electric bed

4. Tripod of camera

5. The wedding system

6. Industrial electric lifting system

7. Electric lifting lever


1. Reliable performance

2. Stable running

3. The same characteristics of push and pull

4. Good environment adaptability

5. No-load current<1A

6. Max load current=3A

7. IP65 rated(suitable for outdoor use)

8. Certification=CE

Package include

1 piece Linear actuator which Stroke length you have selected

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LarsonElectronics Solar Powered Generator – 12 Kilowatt Max Output – 120/240 Volts AC – Trailer Config.

Made in America Compliant The SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator from Larson Electronics is a towable power generation unit powered and charged by solar arrays containing 36 Kyocera high efficiency, multi-crystal photovoltaic modules. This unit offers 120- 240 VAC, 12 kilowatt max output, quiet standalone operation, and incorporates features designed to provide long life and economical operation. This 12 kilowatt solar powered generator recharges 8 Sun Xtender Batteries which power 2 Outback Power System inverters to supply 120V AC 10 amp – 50 amp, 240V AC, and 240V AC for operating tools, lighting and other electrical equipment. This unit also provides 12V DC current which it makes available via a jumper cable connection, USB connection, and a convenient cigarette lighter connection port. Max output is 12 kw with a constant output of 6.8 kw for four hours or 4.5 kw for eight hours. Compared to an everyday diesel unit, this new solar panel can save the operator thousands in just a few months. Taking into consideration that an average diesel power generator unit costs approximately 6,000 dollars a month to run and maintain; the SPG12KW-120 Solar Power Generator could pay for itself in just a few short months by removing the need for refueling. This solar power generator is designed to provide 120-240 VAC power for a wide variety of applications and is ideal for the Larson Electronics range of 110-120V lighting products. 12V DC capability allows users to connect low voltage 12 volt DC LED lighting, spotlights, and electronics as well without the need for additional hardware.Especially in situations such as entertainment events, work areas and other applications where the equipment must be placed close to the benefactors, the elimination of noise and fumes

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